Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Time Management is Key to Business Success

Main points/tips:

'One of the most effective time management tools is also the simplest, the basic daily to do list... check the ones that are the highest priority as must do items.'

'Use subordinates effectively.' 'Those accustomed to "doing it all" find this exceedingly difficult. Time spent in training employees to handle specific tasks will pay big dividends in the long run.' 

'When employees come to you with a problem, they generally want you to solve it for them' [so they don't have to think]. 'Turn this situation into a learning experience by asking them, what they believe is the best way to deal with this issue? If their response is reasonable, praise them.' 

'Learn to minimize distractions... phone calls and walk-in customers... If a subordinate can handle the customer's need, be sure to bring them together. Explain that he or she is responsible for that function.' 

'Time management must be part of the culture of a successful business, and the leadership, by example, must start at the top.'

From Ric... get rid of 80% of your meetings because about that percentage is nothing more than a talkfest. Limit meetings to a maximum of 45 minutes by following good meeting practices.


ref: http://www.timesdispatch.com/rtd/business/local/metrobusiness/article/SCOR27_20090424-230904/263828/

by Grey Peohler Score Business Counselor

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