Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Service - Australia Post and Going That Bit Extra

Post Mistresses (or is it now post persons), Packages and Elderly Moments

I live in a smallish village called Montville which is in Queensland. Our post mistress Susan gives me the impression that she has an extreme dislike for those that don't always strictly follow procedures. I must say that I have (I think) always a had a pleasant relationship and dealings with our post person.

Some time ago a couple of neighbours advised me that they had mail that was not delivered as their residential address was shown on the mail they were sent (which does not have a delivery service), rather than their post office box.

Recently I bought an item and being aware of the rules asked the shipper how it was to be sent… "door to door" was the reply, "by courier". When I received the shipping confirmation I noticed it was an Australia Post courier. I immediately went to see Susan to explain the problem, apologise that it was going to be incorrectly addressed and asked her to do me a favour and hold it anyway. After a lecture (not a customer talk) all seemed settled. 

Sure enough it arrived and when I picked it up it a had a big note about about how I must use the PO Box. (see pic). I commented on the need for the note, considering our previous discussion and was given a short lecture about being "trained to do it correctly". Then, in an attempt to bring some humour into the awkward moment my retort was… 'if she wanted to tell me everything six times we would need to be married'. No smile was forthcoming.

Vets, Returned Mail and Dogs 

Sure enough I get a call today from my vet saying their mail was being returned… it's time for my dogs' annual needles. They didn't have my PO Box address as I wasn't expecting any mail from them and in case they had to physically find me for an emergency.

Now I understand the need for rules however I sadly miss the days when the attitude was "I know who this is and I'll make sure they get their important letter". Susan's attitude in this case was, from my perspective, 'its all just about me' and 'I have the power to disrupt so I will'.

Funny enough recently my Rotary Club gave her an award for service… perhaps a mistake… I wonder why she didn't want to accept it at our public presentation.

I guess even poor service is better than no service at all however, the postal service's vision is "Australia Post is committed to providing high-quality mail and parcel services to all Australians. Our enthusiastic, professional people will build a progressive commercial corporation through a commitment to high levels of customer satisfaction." Maybe I should print it frame it and give it to her to hang on the post office wall. No maybe not.

As lesson in customer service and why monopolies are a curse from