Tuesday, 21 April 2009

How do I Stay Motivated During a Takeover?

Perhaps this readers question (see below) should be (and maybe is) How do I Survive or even thrive in a when being taken over?

Here is the actual question...

"I would like to ask you on how an HR Person would still feel motivated and make subordinates motivated in the mids of buy-out?
Honestly speaking, it is quite difficult on my part to retain employees with this kind of issue.  I myself is also affected, and yet should show a different aura infront of the employee though..."

Possible approach...

When my company was taken over I took the advice of my brother-in-law who had a similar experience and did well. He said, 'engage yourself in the process, look positively on the change, work towards the new team goals, become an asset to the merger/takeover team, look to the future and their vision forget the past and most of all stay away from the detractors, the fearful and the resistors.' In other words sell yourself to the new management.

Note: I did also well, became a liaison officer for the staff on both sides was included in a roadshow to explain the new vision and ended up with a better position in the 'merged' company.


p.s. ...and spruce up your resume (just in case), cover letter resume form or is that a bit demotivating?

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