Monday, 20 April 2009

A Letter from Pakistan - What Career Step Next?


'Seeking your help... I live in Pakistan I'm married and have 2 children my age is 26 and my education is an MBA . Can you tell me what can I do for future [work wise] bcoz its very important for my children.'


Hi [name withheld],

This is an extremely difficult question and I am not sure if I am qualified to answer however, what I have said below is a very personal opinion...

If you are looking for a career I guess the most important issues are: making sure you are technically competent in your chosen field, being willing to adapt to change, being a continuos learner and not assuming what you have learnt to date will be relevant tomorrow and of course picking an industry to work in that has a strong future.

From a work perspective studying human behavior and psychology is always good as work is about people, teamwork and a shared vision of the future. Learning how communicate effectively within the cultural confines of your society and organizational culture, becoming an expert in selling (as in selling your ideas) and having strong networking capabilities both within and outside your organization are all very important factors in what is traditionally seen as achieving 'success'.

Actually as you mentioned the importance of your children I also have two children, both now adults, one lives in Europe and one in a Northern Asian country, and I am an Australian living in Indonesia. I think the important issues for children are: be patient, listen to and support their dreams, let them choose their own path and don't treat them as if they where personal property. Let them go when it is time and try not to be a limitation on their options. The best thing I believe you can give to children is to encourage them to live by logic rather than tradition, see the whole world as their future place to live and work and base your relationship on love rather than instilling in them, or forcing on them a need to only act only out of a sense of duty.

Finally for children encourage them to learn languages, perhaps English and Chinese (or Japanese or Arabic).

Sorry I am unable to give a you a more definitive answer to your question, life is a journey and times constantly change and often outcomes and opportunities are just a matter of chance.


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