Sunday, 3 May 2009

Mastering Resume Cover Letter Format Basics

Article by Jimmy Sweeney

"What’s So Important About Resume Cover Letter Format Mastery?

In the first place, a resume cover letter that you write yourself is going to be specifically tailored to the job you are applying for and the qualifications that you bring to it. And in resume cover letters, it is this sort of specificity that speaks to hiring managers and makes them want to offer interviews.

Second, a resume cover letter that you write on your own using standard resume cover letter format will have the added benefit of being original and fresh compared to the stale and overused form cover letters that thousand of other job seekers have tried to send in."

This is probably the best article on cover letter writing I have read and the rest is here

Its so good I wish I had written it! Reminds me of my father's advice 'there will always be people smarter than you and dumber than you... live with it and learn from the smart ones, don't resent them!'

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