Sunday, 17 May 2009

Job Search and Career Advice Quick Tip Tweets

Selected Twitter Employment Advice

Advisor ONE @liahni (

"Best advice for today's clients/career/job seekers -be nimble, flexible, do solid research, and networking! // Networking is Key!"

"Objective on a resume? No longer a benefit - sends the message you're old school. Replace with career summary and key industry/title words"

"I work w/ clients in transition. Best advice for today's client - be nimble, flexible, do solid research, and networking!"

"Recruiters see growth in executive hiring 1) Bus. Development 2) Sales 3) Engineering 4) Ops Mgmt 5) Mktg 6) Consulting 7) Finance 8) R & D"

"Don't wait 'til you're unemployed to develop a career strategy! Networking is essential to keep your career on track and w/ the right people"

Advisor TWO @InSide_Job (

"Free Podcast for Job Seekers: "You're Hired! Interview skills to get the job" #work #hunt #offer"
"RT @JobCircle Good article about negotiating a higher offer in today's job market. "Know how much your peers make""

"RT @theonlinebeat RT @danschawbel: JOB SEARCH: 101 Ways to Get Hired in a Recession #jobhunt #career"

"RT @Arcadia1 timing is key for getting a job! great timing!" [so keep at it and keep at it and keep at it!]

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