Sunday, 2 September 2012

Entrepreneurial Business Checklist

Today more than ever business success depends on two distinct and inherently different issues, those of efficiency and effectiveness. 

"Efficiency is concerned with product and service delivery, quality improvement and cost control, while effectiveness is more concerned with opportunity recognition, knowledge acquisition and creativity. The need to be more entrepreneurial cannot be argued however, what are the real differences between old style organisations and truly entrepreneurial organisations." orglearn

Quote: “doing things better V’s doing better things”. (unknown)

So is your organisation entrepreneurial by nature? The following table should provide some insights:

Entrepreneurial Orgs. CharT

So how does your organisation rate? Is it set up to take advantage of an entrepreneurial future or is it locked in the past and strangled by a bureaucracy just struggling to maintain the status quo? 


  1. Although my Chamber is slightly entrepreneurial, it depends on who is on the executive committee as to getting things past their approval and to the board. Sometimes structure inhibits growth

  2. The only point I would marginally disagree with from the original paper is that entrepreneurs take risks...the successful ones I know do all possible to eliminate risk