Thursday, 12 February 2009

"Elearning" is a Misnomer - Eteaching it Maybe!

'Nothing is taught, everything is learnt'

To my way of thinking 'elearning' is not a correct term, nor perhaps is it much more than an inadequate substitute for "real training and learning as conducted by learning facilitators with line management backup".

I am not alone in this view...

"Elearning is a classic example of the readiness with which people are ready to disregard received wisdom. We know that the more contact we have with our teachers the better we learn. Just look at the concern surrounding growing classroom sizes. Equally important is the amount of contact students have with their peers. Learning in groups is not just socially more enjoyable, it is a proven source of motivation. Working towards a common goal, sharing tips on revision and simply offering encouragement: none of these factors should be overlooked." - Rob Chapman

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Learning is linked to emotion - how do you inject emotion into so called 'elearning programs'?


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