Sunday, 30 November 2008


A few more handy attributes to look for when selecting leaders…

- those that seem to make others feel good about themselves, the types that say, ‘he’s a good guy’ or ‘she’s a great help’ and that are comfortable paying compliments to others

- those that can sell the ‘no’ or a different point of view with tact and still maintain relationships by knowing what is common ground and strengthening that, rather than accentuating differences

- those that don’t bad mouth others or complain about workmates, ‘those idiots in accounting or the upstart pampered sales team’

- those that solve problems in imaginative ways and through negotiation rather than the ones that come to your office and say, ‘this is a cock up what do we do now’!

- those that listen and show they are listening

Not a complete list for sure, but not a bad start OR is it back to… “AH FRED WHO’S OUR MOST SENIOR ENGINEER?

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