Saturday, 16 August 2008


Things that will help us mess up a negotiation

A negative attitude, assuming a winner & loser outcome, communication difficulties, becoming emotional, fear of assertiveness, a self-righteous attitude, lack of knowledge of the negotiation process, seeing the others as adversaries, lack of knowledge of tactics, fearing we will lose, lack of confidence, lack of patience, fear of confrontation and of course the big one… lack of persistence.

Things that will help us NOT mess up a negotiation

Developing a win-win strategy and attitude, learning to listen (not just hear), practicing emotional control, taking an objective rather than subjective approach, developing patience and appropriate timing, not fighting with our ‘opponent’, deciding what we can afford to lose, knowing what our alternatives are if minimums aren’t met (lifeboat), trying to build a relationship before we start to negotiate, (it is hard to be committed to a win-win if opponent is a total stranger), finding out common interests or goals so we feel comfortable in looking for a win-win.

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