Sunday, 6 July 2008


The shared understanding of what has been transmitted…about what has been meant… successfully received… as confirmed by appropriate feedback… The key word is: UNDERSTANDING. Communication is not just telling someone something!

Communication is also… a series of ‘symbols’ translated into language and gestures by the sender, which are then deciphered as a new series of ‘symbols’ by the receiver! … HUH! Example – It’s 3pm on your first day at work whilst hammering a nail into a piece wood your boss says to you, “you work like lightening”, aha you think the boss is happy I’m quick at this job, “thank you boss for the compliment” (you say), “compliment” says the boss “I’m telling you your hopeless, like lightning you never strike in the same place twice”

So what’s the problem? The most commonly used 2000 words in the English language can produce 14,000 possible interpretations. Because those with whom we speak constantly interpret rather than truly listen… our real meaning is often lost.

To be a good communicator we need to test to see if our message has been understood as we intended by asking the ‘receiver’ to explain what we have said or what we have asked for… in their own words.

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