Monday, 16 June 2008


To continue with the two headed dilemma…!

MANAGEMENT is about: ORDER & CONSISTANCY… protecting the existing structure, systems, traditions and ‘the status quo’ V.’s LEADERSHIP, which is about: CREATING CHANGE… vision, direction, values and destruction of ‘the way we’ve always done it’

MANAGEMENT IS ABOUT: COMPETING… seeking the winning edge, overcoming those in the way & up the ‘ladder’ V.’s LEADERSHIP, WHICH IS ABOUT: COLLABORATING… showing love and respect for individuals and seeking win-win solutions

MANAGEMENT is about: DOING THINGS RIGHT… organising, setting the rules and seeing rules are followed, the inspector V.’s LEADERSHIP, which is about: DOING THE RIGHT THINGS by… developing trust and taking risks to ensure we meet our full potential

MANAGEMENT is about: INPUTS… amount, type & quality of resources, effective plant, staff & raw materials V.’s LEADERSHIP, which is about: OUTPUTS… the level and volume of satisfied customers we can create, the market

MANAGEMENT is about: MANAGING THINGS… operations focused, technical expertise & people as production inputs V.’s LEADERSHIP, which is about: LEADING PEOPLE… our charisma, socialised power, human relations, communication skills, inspiration & motivation

With the conflicting nature of these requirements how do we prepare managers/leaders to deal with these apparently opposing roles? If we send our managers off for leadership training we best be prepared to adjust our culture, abandon our hierarchy and flatten our organisational structure… or disaster approaches.

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